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Делаем поделки из ткани своими руками

Делаем поделки из ткани своими руками

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Поздравление на день рожденье папы

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» » » Топики на английском для школьников "My favourite season"

Топики на английском для школьников "My favourite season"

14 авг

                                                                                                           топики на английском

Every season is good in its own way. And every season has negative features of its own. Consider autumn, for example. It is time when nature fades away. Days grow shorter. Cold weather sets in. Hoar frost covers the ground at night. But worst of all is rain. Oh, how nasty cold autumn rain is! Even if it just drizzles. Most often it rains for hours. And there are days when it rains for a while then the rain stops but soon it starts all over again - and this goes on throughout the day. All these things are well-known and nobody can say he likes them.

Yet there are many people who like autumn. They try to look at the reverse side of the medal Autumn, they say, it is the time of harvest, golden leaves, it is the time when the nature is quiet and very attractive. Poets of all nations have sung autxnrm as the most beautiful time of year. Golden autumn, they call it Golden, indeed yet autumn does not appeal to me very much.
It appears I like winter much better. In January every year I go to the country to visit my granny. I really have a good time there. I go skiing in the winter forest. If you tried it once, you will never forget it. I also enjoy skating on the ice of the river nearby. When you return home with your cheeks burning from frost you wolf your dinner and make yourself comfortable in front of the TV. Then you feel just "as snug as a bug in a rug" as the saying goes.
There is no denying the fact that winter is a hard season. Think of keen frosts, and long black nights when the wind is howling outside.
Now a few words about summer. The great Russian poet Pushkin said, "Oh, summer fine! I'd love you but for the heat, the mosquitos and flies!" I share his opinion. But again, it wouldn't be fair not to consider the brighter side of the picture. Bathing on a hot day in a cool river, picking mushrooms in the forest, basking in the sun on the beach. But the main thing is certainly having a two-month holiday. Two months without lessons, without having to get up early in the morning. Indeed, summer holiday is great fun for schoofchildren!
And yet, the best season of the year is spring. Spring is the time when nature wakes up after the winter sleep. Everything is in bloom. The first flowers appear in the gardens and meadows. Trees are putting out their leaves, and there are buds everywhere. Now the bird-cherry trees get covered with white blossom.
So to cut the long story short, I must admit that every season is beautiful in its own way.

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