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Можно ли ребенку носить линзы?

Можно ли ребенку носить линзы?

Когда речь заходит про коррекцию зрения у ребенка большинство родителей выбирают очки для детей,..

Поздравления с 23 февраля начальнику "Отличный начальник"

Поздравления с 23 февраля начальнику

Наш начальник просто душка!  На носу его веснушки, А улыбка словно солнце, Заглянувшее в..

Осенняя одежда для мальчишек

Осенняя одежда для мальчишек

  Осень – это прекрасная пора, которая дарит самый лучший материал для природных поделок..

» » » Топики на английском для школьников "My home"

Топики на английском для школьников "My home"

14 авг

топики на английском

I would like to tell you all about my home. Firstly I must tell you that I live in the small town of Novogrudok. It is an ancient township of Western Belarus, but within recent twenty years some new residential areas have sprung up around the town's old centre. We live in one of such newly built areas.

We moved into our new flat five years ago. Ifs a four-room fiat on the third floor of a five-storied block of flats. Certainly there are an modern conveniences in our flat. Its fairly cosy. The layout is good. The rooms are light, though net very large. Its quite a modern-looking flat with two balconies looking out on the park in front of the building.
Our sitting room is quite a big room, about 20 square metres. As my mother doesn't like much furniture in the house so in the sitting room there are two comfortable chairs and a sofa, a coffee-table, a television set in the comer of the room and a bookcase. Of course there is a carpet on the floor. We usually watch television in the sitting-room or have dinner on special occasions.
I am happy to have a room for myself. Its the smallest room in the flat but I try to keep it tidy and cosy. There is a single-bed, a writing table, a bookcase and a wardrobe in my room. There is a little rug on the floor. I have two pictures in my room. They are nice copies of my favourite paintings by Savrasov.
You may be surprised to hear when I tell you that the most popular and favourite place with all of us is the kitchen. We spend most of our time in the kitchen, not eating in fact, we like just to sit and talk there.
Our kitchen is comparatively large and looks the usual modem kitchen you can see in many other homes. There is a gas-cooker, a fridge, a kitchen table and some cupboards in it. We have regular meals in the kitchen. But I have to bring a chair and take it away when the whole family are at table. But its not much trouble.
Ah, yes, I haven't mentioned the corridor. Its long but slightly narrow. Or perhaps it looks narrow to me because my brother Victor keeps his bike in it.
I like our flat. Its also important that our building is quite close to the town centre, its only five stops from the town's main street. What else can I tell you about our home?

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