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Рассуждения о необходимости знать Историю

Рассуждения о необходимости знать Историю

Есть такой предмет в учебной программе, который называется История...

Сценарий Нового года в классе: весело и интересно

Сценарий Нового года в классе: весело и интересно

Чтобы весело отпраздновать Новый год, сценарий Нового года в классе должен быть правильно..

Красивые поздравления учителям "Преподаватели"

Красивые поздравления учителям

Преподаватели бок о бок были с нами, Воспитывали нас все десять лет, Как за детей родных переживали..

» » » Топики на английском для школьников "Our flat"

Топики на английском для школьников "Our flat"

14 авг

                                                                                                               топики на английском

First of all I want to tell you some words about the building where our flat is located. It is an eighteen-storey tower of flats in the south-west of the city. There is a park with three ponds not far from it. Ours is a cosy three-room flat on the fourteenth floor.

The sitting room with a wall-size window facing the park is quite large. In this room there is a furniture unit. There is a TV-set, a video-recorder and a tape-recorder here. On the walls there are five paintings. A thick carpet covers the floor. We spend every evening in this room. We watch TV, listen to the music or discuss the problems of the day.
My parents' room is rather small. There are two beds, a dressing table with a mirror and a wardrobe there. On the bedside table there is an alarm-clock, an electric lamp and some books.
My room is my study. I have a lot of books. There are books on the shelves all around the walls. The books are on my desk and some of them are on the floor. My desk is at the window. I work here at my books. The computer is on the table in the corner of the room. To the left there is a sofa with a cushion on it. There is an arm-chair and two chairs in my room.
Besides we have a kitchen and a bathroom in our flat. In the kitchen there is a gas stove, a refrigerator, a sink with two taps over it, a cupboard, a table and six stools there. The bathroom is very cosy too. There is a bath, a washbasin with hot and cold water there.
My parents are hospitable. They often invite friends and relatives to our place. And everybody feels at home here.

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