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Лучшие стихи ученикам 1 сентября "Что ждёт меня в школе"

Лучшие стихи ученикам 1 сентября

Парта ждёт меня, во-первых, Ждут уроки, Ждут друзья. Будет в школе не до лени,..

Ребенок летом в городе. Чем занять малыша?

Ребенок летом в городе. Чем занять малыша?

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Стихи про парикмахера

Стихи про парикмахера

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» » » Топики на английском для школьников "The last trip I have made"

Топики на английском для школьников "The last trip I have made"

14 авг

топики на английском


It is my firm belief that every person living in our country must at least once in his life go to the Crimea and see the Black Sea. Perhaps it is best that you should do it in your childhood. As for me I was already in my teens and was about to finish school but I had not ever been to the sea. And I was self-conscious about it. It was last year. And it was last year that I had an opportunity of making a trip to the Crimea which had been my dream for a long time.

I had not only dreamed about it but I had been saving money for the trip. Certainly, I did not travel to the South alone. My friend Lucy Voronova was my companion. We reserved the tickets in advance. We booked two berths in a compartment carriage in a through train.
I did not want to have heavy luggage to carry, so I packed into my bag only the most important things. Yet they were quite a lot: I had to take two swim-suks, towels, an umbrella, shorts, a couple of blouses, a camera, goggles, a pair of fashionable shoes. And then, do you think I could do at the resort without a decent costume to put on for an evening walk over seaside boulevard?
We bad a very good time in the train. Out travelling companion was a young officer. A witty man, he made jokes and told us many interesting things. He was such a charming man that later Lucy said she had nearly fallen in love with him. At parting, we exchanged our addresses and promised to write to one another. Now Lucy and I arrived in Simferopol. It is the gateway to the Crimea, a pretty southern town which is linked with many distinguished names, such as Mendeleyev, Pirogov, Aivazovsky, Kurchatov who lived and studied here.
Simferopol is connected by a trolleybus line with Yalta. This route runs through Alushta which was our destination. You see, Lucy managed to get two places in a tourist camp which is located near Ahishta. About an hour's trolley ride over the most picturesque mountain scenery and — here we are! Ahishta, the second largest town on the Crimea's southern coast after Yalta. The moment I saw the sea for the first time in my life is unforgettable! Indeed, the landscape was beautiful: pleasant beaches stretching along the coast as far as the eye could reach. We had a very good time there. We did not spend all the time basking in the sun on the beach or bathing. We quite often went on all kinds of excursions. Most wonderful was our trip to Bakhchisarai with its exotic "Fountain of Tears". From Yalta we went by boat to the Eastern Crimea, where we visited Sudak and climbed to the Genoese Fortress. We certainly went to Koktebel to look over the Voloshin house-museum. Next came the ancient Feodosia with its famous sights: the Aivazovsky picture gallery and the Grin house-museum. Then was Yalta with the Chekhov museum and the Nikitsky Botanical Gardens. We travelled up the road to Mount Ai-Petri and visited the famous Livadia Palace. We were impressed by the remarkable Alupka Palace and the Swallow's Nest near Miskhor. I'm unable to tell you everything! The impressions are too many. The sights were so exciting that I was just overwhelmed! Really, you cant consider yourself a worldly-wise person if you haven't been to the Crimea. Do not miss the chance.

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