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Стихи на английском. Про корову

Стихи на английском. Про корову

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Сценарий пародии на басню Крылова "Ворона и лиса" к 8 марта

Сценарий пародии на басню Крылова

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Стихи про малышей. Будь здоров

Стихи про малышей. Будь здоров

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» » » Топики на английском для школьников "My school"

Топики на английском для школьников "My school"

14 авг

                                                                                                       топики на английском

I think I can make a long speech about my school. I went to one and the same school for eleven years. I started schooling when I was six and finished my secondary education at the age of 17. It was school number 2 in Novogrudok. It was one of those ordinary schools that you would see in quite a number of small towns. I mean the building first of all. It's a three-storied building, rather plain from outside but more attractive inside. So I'll take you around the school

The ground floor as in most schools is for junior pupils. There's always so much noise there. The second and third formers are constantly running like mad up and down the corridor. There's also a library and a canteen on the ground floor. The gymnasium is attached to it. Our sports hall is really very good. It's large and tidy and the pupils are always welcomed there. My coach in volleyball is a wonderful person, he is a great enthusiast and a good teacher. Patience is the main feature of his teaching skill.
The first floor is all occupied by classes studying various subjects: mathematics, chemistry, biology, English of course and other educational subjects. There are two classes there as well for vocational courses where children can get a practical training either in dressmaking or carving. All the classes on the first floor are equipped with necessary devices, literature and tools.
If you go further up to the second floor you'll see two rows of ordinary classrooms for senior forms. There we have lessons in literature and other humanities.
Our school is perhaps not properly designed for social activities. There is no music room or dancing hall and other things like that in the school. Parties and official gatherings are held in the canteen as a rule. But the canteen is not designed for such things.
Of course we decorate it for special occasions to make it look more pleasant. To cut the long story short, I must say I like my school for two reasons. It has been a comfortable place to study and to enjoy life. I had good friends there, I learnt a lot at school and I think I will be indebted to some of my teachers for the rest of my fife. But that's already another story.

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